One woman dies of cervical cancer every minute. Three people die of lung cancer every minute. One woman dies of breast cancer every minute. One man dies of prostate cancer every minute. One person dies of liver cancer every minute.
Here’s how we have been working to change this.

Here’s the situation: For the first time in history cancer will soon reign as humankind’s number-one killer.

We’ve watched this train crash in slow motion. In 1971 President Nixon called for “the same concentrated effort that split the atom and took man to the moon to be turned toward a miracle cure for cancer“.

It failed. Why?

The cancer miracle isn’t a cure.
It’s prevention.
Current research suggests that at least half of cancer cases could be prevented.

Now is the time. We are building the moonshot for cancer prevention.

0 Cancer Cases
each year could be prevented through new and known prevention tools.


Two kinds of prevention matter here:

First,  Primary Prevention 

We've built the worlds most accurate risk assessment and personalised preventative action plan engine, based on the largest cancer data-set to ever exist.

Prevention offers the most effective strategy for the long-term control of cancer, we need to raise awareness, reduce exposure to cancer risk factors, and ensure that people are provided with the information and support they need to adopt healthy lifestyles.” – Dr Robert Beaglehole, Director of Chronic Diseases at WHO

Then,  Secondary Prevention 

We've built digital early detection tools to proactively check for the most common types of cancer as well as niche insurance and concierge to ensure access to the highest quality diagnostics and care when you need it most.

99% of diagnosed women survive when breast cancer is caught at early stage. Only 25% of women survive a late-stage diagnosis. Multi-cancer early detection and niche insurance presents a paradigm shift for how cancer must be diagnosed and treated in the future.

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